Rampage Owners Win Big


Overhead Shot of Back Deck

Right: Legendary Bart Miller of Black Barts Lures

Rampage Yachts owners won big at the17th Annual El Salvador International Billfish Tournament, held Nov. 2-5 in La Paz. The three-day event was hosted at the Bahia Del Sol Hotel and focused on catches including marlin, sailfish, dolphin, tuna and Wahoo.

The marlin release division, sponsored by Maspor Marine, a proud Rampage dealer, saw lots of activity. Taking first place in the division was Jose Alberto Gonzales on his Rampage 38 Express, second place went to Mariano Quiros onboard a Rampage 33 Express and Jozsef Arguedas won third place on his 55 Viking Convertible.

With the help of the legendary Bart Miller of Blacks Bart Lures, Team Sandy-ita on board a Rampage 45 Convertible finished fourth in the sailfish division with the 14 catch and releases.

In the junior division, Team Portovenere took first place on board a 45 Convertible with 11 sailfish releases in the Jaltepeque inlet.