From the very beginning, we have dedicated all of our efforts and expertise to earning the title Offshore Authority.

Forged in the crucible of New England’s unforgiving waters, Rampage Sport Fishing Yachts are no ordinary boats. To meet the demands of those who helm them, they are built to perform, to compete and to survive in all imaginable conditions. Just as it did in when we drew up our first blueprints, our relentless commitment to hearty construction, seaworthy design and innovation continues to guide us as we create yachts that take charge of every challenge.

Take one step onboard a Rampage and you’ll see why they’re the perfect offshore companions. From fishboxes to fighting-chair installations, everything is seamlessly integrated into their eminently fishable layouts. And whether you’re up against a trophy catch or a fleet full of tournament competitors, innovations such as Volvo Penta’s IPS and DPS along with the Sport Fish Control Package are sure to give you the edge.

If you believe that life only truly begins once the dock slips beyond the horizon, you know that the water is no place for compromise.